Does iBooks 3 Vertical Scrolling Only Work for Books Created in iBooks Author?

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iBooks for iPad

iBooks for iPad (and iOS) has been updated this week – to Version 3.0.

The biggest new feature in iBooks 3 is the ability to scroll vertically through books – described like so in the update’s change list:

Scroll vertically through your books with the flick of a finger using the new Scroll theme

This update to iBooks was mentioned at Apple’s iPad Mini announcement event this past Tuesday, which on the face of it seems a little odd amidst the other big new hardware products announced at the event. The reason I think Apple dropped in a mention of this update is that this new scrolling feature seems like it is especially well suited to the new iPad Mini. The vertical scrolling should be a relatively easy gesture to use even while holding the iPad Mini with just one hand.

I’ve been trying out the vertical scrolling on my iPad 3 and I like it a lot … when it works. What I’ve noticed though is that it only seems to work with books created with iBooks Author. I’ve tried several leading iBooks titles where the new vertical scrolling does not work at all – including the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Enchantment’, and a couple others that do not look as it they were created in iBooks Author.

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing it mentioned anywhere that this new vertical scrolling feature is limited just to books created with iBooks Author and I don’t see a mention of that in the App Store change list for iBooks 3.0.

Perhaps it’s just me, but it looks like this new feature is more limited than advertised.

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9 thoughts on “Does iBooks 3 Vertical Scrolling Only Work for Books Created in iBooks Author?”

  1. The Job’s biography and 1Q84 purchased from the iBookstore scroll fine for me.
    Some ePub books sideloaded and the Harry Potter books from Pottermore scroll as well.

  2. The Steve Job biography and other regular (non-iBooks Author) books bought on the iBooks store scroll fine with me.

    i updated the iBooks app, open the book, tap the aA button, Themes, and Scroll. It works in both portrait and landscape mode. I checked it on the iPad 2.3, iPhone 4S and 3GS.
    I find it especially useful on iPhone, so that you can read with just one hand.

  3. When I loaded books the first book included was the ipad 3 instruction manual. How so I make it scroll? It loads as an open book where you flip the pages.

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