Dolphin Browser for iPad Updated – Support for Up to 20 Open Tabs?

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Dolphin Browser for iPad

Dolphin Browser for iPad was updated yesterday, to Version 6.3. The very first listed improvement in this update is support for a maximum of 20 open tabs (on the iPad 2 and above).

Oddly, this new feature is not working for me thus far. I’ve installed the update on my iPad mini and my iPad 3 – and neither of them will open more than 9 tabs in Dolphin Browser for iPad. When I tap to add a 10th tab I always see the same error: ‘Careful, too many tabs will slow down the performance of the browser’. There’s nothing I can see in the app’s settings to get past this. I’ve tried rebooting my iPads and manually quitting all other apps, but I still get the same result. Maybe I’m missing something, but for right now I can’t make this feature work.

Here’s the full change list for this update:

1. Support a maximum of 20 open tabs on iPad 2 and above devices
2. Improved launching speed
3. Optimized memory recovery mechanisms
4. Optimized the experience to undo recent closed tabs

Have any of you installed this update yet? If so, are you able to open more than 9 tabs?

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