Dolphin Browser for iPad Updated – The Best Just Got Even Better

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Dolphin Browser for iPad

Dolphin Browser for iPad has had another major update this week, to Version 6.0. This update includes a design refresh for the app and some superb new sharing features. My two favorite new features are these:

— Save to Evernote – with just a couple taps. So useful for those of us who use Evernote as a catch-all notes storage.

— Dolphin Connect: Lets you send web pages, tabs, images and more from iPad to desktop browser and vice-versa (with appropriate extensions installed on Chrome, Firefox or Safari). This is just so slick to use.

Here’s the full change list for this update:

1. Brand new design: Share, save and send web content easier with our new design.
2. One-tap Share: Right from Dolphin, you can tweet webpages, post them to Facebook, or share them via email
3. Remember Everything: Grab web contact while browsing Dolphin and save it directly to Evernote (Beta) or Box
4. Dolphin Connect:
– Send to Device: Use Dolphin with our Chrome/Firefox/Safari extensions** to send tabs, images, phone numbers and directions between desktop and mobile
– Sync: Now you can sync bookmarks/tabs/history/passwords across devices

5. Wifi Broadcast: Share with your friends by sending them a web page instantly through a shared wifi
6. Annotate: Draw your own comments or pictures on a web page and share it to your social networks
7. Customize Dolphin: Set Dolphin to open to the home screen or all tabs from your previous session
8. Various stability and performance improvements
** Download extensions:

Dolphin Browser is easily the best alternative browser for the iPad that I’ve seen. This update makes it even better. Of course it’s on our list of Best iPad Apps of 2012. I really wish Apple would let us set our default browser on the iPad, and I imagine that has to be coming in the not-too-distant future. As soon as they do, Dolphin Browser will be mine.

Here’s an App Store link for Dolphin Browser for iPad.

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