Dr. Seuss iPad Storybooks Add Record & Share Feature

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Green Eggs and Ham iPad storybook

The Dr. Seuss iPad storybooks published by Oceanhouse Media have been among my favorite family book titles on the iPad for a long while. This week Oceanhouse have announced that they’ve added a new ‘Record & Share’ feature to a handful of their Dr. Seuss storybook titles (or omBooks as they call them) for iPad.

This new feature allows you to record your own voice – or let your child record theirs – and then share the recording with family and friends via email. You can use your own recordings to enjoy the books in Read to Me mode.

The first three of these omBook iPad titles to get the new Record & Share feature are The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and Dr. Seuss’s ABC. Green Eggs and Ham has always been a particular favorite in our household – but as mentioned above I’ve been a big fan of all these Oceanhouse titles since the early days of the original iPad. I included them in our selection of the Best iPad Apps of 2011 (and the year before’s roundup too).

Many other storybook apps have had this sort of recording feature for a long time, so the feature itself would not generally be newsworthy. I think it is in this case because of the massive popularity of Dr. Seuss books and the superb way in which Oceanhouse has brought these titles to the iPad – with original artwork and a faithful and charming rendering of the work.

Here are  App Store links for the  three titles with the new feature:

The Cat in the Hat

Green Eggs and Ham

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Hope we have some Dr. Seuss fans here who will enjoy these lovely iPad editions.

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