Dropbox for iPad Gets A Share Extension

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Dropbox for iOS was updated today with one killer new feature: a native share extension. This means that any app that brings up the iOS 8 share dialogue can save files directly to Dropbox, without any extra sign-ins or app permissions.

I tried a quick test from the Photos app earlier and I’m quite impressed by how powerful the extension is. Not only can you choose where to save a file, but you can also rename the file before you upload it to Dropbox. The only caveat is the extension doesn’t seem to work for batch uploading, so you’ll still have to enter the Dropbox app to upload more than one photo at a time. That’s not a big deal to me, though, and this update already makes it a lot easier to share files from Mail or Evernote and send them straight into Dropbox for long term storage. It’s taking a little while, but the iOS 8 share APIs are slowly bearing fruit!

My big wish at this point is easier access to the files I choose to store in iCloud. The document handler is an OK start, but I want to select multiple files and download them to my iPad all at once — and that just isn’t possible yet.

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