Dropbox for iPad Updated – New Design & More

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Dropbox for iPad

The Dropbox app for iPad and iOS has been updated today, to Version 2.0. Dropbox is the massively popular and brilliant cloud file sync service that has become an essential for many of us on the desktop and on our iOS devices.

The most noticeable thing about the 2.0 update is that the app has a new design – including a new app icon:

Dropbox app icon

There’s still not much to the Dropbox for iPad interface – it’s simple and bare bones, but the new look is pleasant enough. There’s also a new Photos tab that offers a timeline view of all your automatically uploaded photos and videos. That feature is not of interest for me, as I never do these sort of auto uploads with Dropbox or any of the social networks that offer it.

Since installing the update it seems to me that files are loading much more quickly in the Dropbox viewer, especially photos. Just me, or are you all seeing this speed improvement with the update too?

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