Dropbox iPad App Updated: Easier Sharing & More

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Droopbox for iPad

The Dropbox app for iPad and iOS was updated yesterday, to Version 2.3. The focus in this update is on making sharing from the app easier. Here’s the short change list for it:

• Easily share a link to a folder
• Swipe on any file to quickly share, move, delete, or favorite
• Select and share multiple photos with your family, friends, and other humans
• Bug fixes and other magical performance improvements to keep you happy

The new swipe to share/move/delete action is quite nice – though I still need to get more used to it, as I’m doing it inadvertently a bit when scrolling through folders.

It’s good to see the Dropbox app steadily adding a few more features and interface improvements. I still find the Dropbox service far more useful and even essential to my everyday routine than iCloud – so all enhancements to the app and service are very welcome.

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