Dropbox iPad Version Is Out Now

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Dropbox for iPad

Dropbox – the superb online backup and file sync/sharing service – has updated its iPhone app to support the iPad as well.

It’s very good to see this app provide full iPad support. I use this app every day on my MacBook and it’s a pleasure to use, largely because it absolutely ‘just works’ with very near zero effort on my part – basically just throw stuff in its bucket and know that it is synced and backed up and sweet.

If you already had the Dropbox iPhone app on your iPad, as I did, then you should see an update available for it in the App Store.  This update (which came out last night I think) adds iPad support. It’s a ‘universal binary’ app now, so there is not a separate iPad version.

Dropbox iPad Version

I’ve tried the app out a little today, and it strikes me as roughly the same as the iPhone version.  The only new feature I’ve spotted so far, courtesy of the iPad’s slightly enhanced file sharing capabilities, is the ability to export documents out of Dropbox into other third party apps. 

So … if you have a document type in Dropbox that is supported by another app on your iPad, you can choose to open it with that other app.  For instance, I have GoodReader installed on the iPad, so if I want I can choose to use GoodReader to open PDF docs held in Dropbox. Quite a nice addition – though again, this is an iPad feature, not one specific to Dropbox.

One weakness in this new feature that I noticed in quickly trying out the app, is one playback of movie files.  My impression is that .mov files should be supported by the iPad’s built-in Videos app – so Dropbox should offer an option to open .mov files with that app.  That option does not appear for me though – and Dropbox itself is not handling these well for me either.  It failed to open and show an 80MB file after upwards of three minutes.

Adding images to your Dropbox via the iPad app is very quick – the uploads go super fast and the file appears nearly instantly in the Dropbox folder on the desktop.  Unfortunately, you cannot select multiple files at once.

Any Dropbox users here?  If so, what do you think of this new iPad version?

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8 thoughts on “Dropbox iPad Version Is Out Now”

  1. I'm happy to have Dropbox on my new iPad. The speed and larger screen of the iPad makes for a great user experience.

    What I would like to see added is a feature that would allow me to favourite an entire folder. Currently the only way to keep files locally is to favourite files individually, which can get a little tedious. This feature is especially key given that I have the WiFi model and don't always have access to the Internet. Also it would be nice to have a way to use the full width of the screen to view a file – the Evernote iPad app includes this feature and I find it very useful.

    Overall a great start!

    1. Good points – those would be very useful adds. Hopefully they've got more coming – they seem to update their apps fairly often.

    2. Good points – those would be very useful adds. Hopefully they've got more coming – they seem to update their apps fairly often.

  2. Excellent news! Looks like everything I use regularly has been updated for the iPad.

    It works fairly well in my very limited testing. The viewer was a bit off with one of my Excel sheets, but it was good enough and allowed me to open it in Numbers or Mariner Calc if I needed to edit it.

    Dropbox is, as you say, one of those things that "just works." After using it for a year I to sync files between home and work I wonder how I ever lived without it.

    1. I'm a huge Dropbox fan. Have upgraded to the 50GB account for site backups and such. Don't make use of it terribly often on the iPhone / iPad (yet) but it is an essential for me on the dektop.

      1. I use it to upload screen captures from the iPad to the desktop and to download PDF files and comics onto the iPad from the desktop. I just wish it were possible to have the "open in…" command available from the file list, rather than having the file load and then be able to view it in another app.

  3. Dropbox still has problems with upload speeds and support keeps suggesting same non-solutions to users. How do they expect people to deal with gigabytes of information when one has to "localize" files by marking as favorites ONE……FILE……AT……A……TIME? As of 5 Dec 2010.

    1. It's the same with uploading photos – one at a time is very lame. There's even a 3rd party app called Drop Image that has stepped in and allows for multiple photos upload. I love Dropbox overall, but its iOS apps are lagging behind its superb service as a whole.

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