Dropbox for iPad Updated, Adds Ability to Upload Multiple Photos & Videos at Once

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Dropbox for iPad

Damn this has been a good couple of weeks for updates to some of my favorite iPad apps. Dropbox, the app for the best ever cloud-sync service, has just been updated to Version 1.4.

The big plus in this update is that it adds the ability to upload multiple photos and videos at once. This works well and the uploads are surprisingly speedy too. The update has also adde back some nav bar tabs, including one for Uploads, that make navigation a little nicer in the app. Here’s the full change listing:

● Support for Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
● Return to tab-based interface for simpler app navigation experience
● Improved file uploading experience:
  ● New dedicated Uploads tab
  ● Bulk upload photos and videos
  ● Import files from Mail and other apps for upload to Dropbox
● Numerous bug fixes

Here’s an App Store link for Dropbox; it’s a free app.

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