Elements Text Editor App Updated – Adds Send to Evernote, New UI and Lots More

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Elements – Dropbox and Markdown Powered Text Editor for iPad (and iOS) has had a huge update today, to Version 2.0. I’m just going to call it Elements from here on, as the full app name is a real mouthful, or keyboard-full in this case.

Elements has been one of the many very capable text editor apps for iPad / iOS ever since it hit the App Store around a year ago. It offers seamless sync to Dropbox and support for Markdown – features that the app’s developer, Justin Williams, says should be basics by now for any good text editor app. I agree, but also have to say that the implementation of Dropbox sync in Elements is among the best I’ve seen, right there with Plain Text. It’s automatic with zero effort on my part and very near instant.

The 2.0 update for Elements adds some strong new features. My instant favorite among them is ‘Send to Evernote’. This is a feature I’ve wanted to see from notes / text editor apps for some time – as I love Evernote as my sort of master storage for notes of all sorts but I pretty much hate its UI for actually writing and editing notes. Being able to use a text editor app with a clean, attractive UI to write and edit and then dump notes into Evernote is a great combination for me.



Speaking of a nice, clean UI to work with, the 2.0 update to Elements also brings a redesigned UI that looks great.  It feels cleaner than ever.

It’s also got quite a handsome new icon, as seen at the top of this post.

Here’s the full change list for Version 2.0:

Thank you for supporting Elements! We’ve been hard at work in the Second Gear garage making a new version that adds many features of the features you’ve requested.
* [NEW] Added support for publishing to Tumblr.
* [NEW] Added support for publishing to Facebook.
* [NEW] Added support for exporting your files as HTML.
* [NEW] Added support for exporting your files as PDF.
* [NEW] Added support for exporting to Dropbox.
* [NEW] Added support for exporting to Evernote.
* [NEW] Added support for exporting to iTunes.
* [NEW] Added support for exporting to Email.
* [NEW] Added support for emailing a file’s contents as HTML.
* [NEW] New app icon.
* [NEW] Redesigned iPhone and iPad UIs.
* [CHANGE] Changed the default editor font to Museo Sans.
* [CHANGE] Moved appearance settings into the editor.
* [CHANGE] Redesigned the Markdown preview view.
* [CHANGE] Removed background color setting for text editor .
* [CHANGE] Elements 2 now requires iOS 4.
* [FIX] A variety of small fixes and tweaks to improve the overall Elements experience.

Oh, one quick tip for when exporting to Evernote:

There are two options for file type when using the export – HTML and PDF. For me, HTML works very well and the note shows up looking good and editable in Evernote. When I choose PDF, Evernote sees the file like an attachment and hangs up when trying to look at it. I imagine this is an Evernote issue, rather than an Elements problem – as PDF docs exported to Dropbox work just fine.

I’m happy to say we’re a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to text editor apps for iPad and iOS right now; and Elements is certainly among the handful of leaders in this category. It’s one of my three favorites by now, along with Plain Text and iA Writer.

Here’s an App Store link for Elements, it’s priced at $4.99 and is a universal app designed to run on iPad and iPhone.

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