EverClip: Great Little Utility App for Evernote Users

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EverClip is a cool little app that should proved very handy for iPad and iPhone Evernote users. Here’s a little piece of its App Store intro:

EverClip is the easiest way to collect websites, texts and images to Evernote.
Start EverClip and switch to your favorite apps. Copy any texts and images, EverClip will save these clippings in background.
When you finish your work, return to EverClip. Organize clippings freely and send them to Evernote.

I’ve been a heavy user of Evernote for years now. It’s among my most used apps on my MacBook Pro and often used on my iPads as well. So when David Allen gave this app a mention in the iPad Apps community on Google+ I was keen to give it a shot right away. I’ve been trying the app out today and I like it quite a bit. There’s no iPad version of it yet, but for what this app does I think it’s just fine to use it in 2X mode on the iPad.

EverClip Items

The app lets you clip text from just about anywhere you can select it and clip images from anywhere you can invoke a copy command. You can also create your own quick little notes, and add a new or existing photo from within the app.

EverClip Tags

It supports tags and notebooks – though it’s worth noting tags can be modified on the fly on each clipped item while you need to select a default notebook in the app’s settings. I’m OK with that, as I’ve created a new,dedicated notebook in Evernote for these clippings.

One awkward feature of Everclip is that it only stays active in the background for a short time, then pops up an alert to let you know its background session has ended and you need to relaunch it to make clippings work again. I imagine this is due to an iOS restriction rather, but it would be nice if the developers could find a workaround to make it stay active longer.

I’ve only been using EverClip for a short time, but so far so good. I can see myself using this on the iPad in a similar way to how I use the Evernote clipping bookmarklet in my desktop browser.

Here’s an App Store link for EverClip; it’s priced at $2.99.

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3 thoughts on “EverClip: Great Little Utility App for Evernote Users”

  1. The app is really useful. And I agree, the short time it’s active is a pain. Hopefully they’ll find a way to correct that limitation.

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