Evernote for iPad Definitely Broken

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Evernote for iPad

I posted yesterday about two major apps whose iPad versions have major bugs.  Evernote was one of those.

Just a quick update on Evernote for iPad.  It is badly broken.  I removed and reinstalled the app, and it died in the same way as the first time round – as in, immediately after asking it to do a ‘Sync Now’ operation.  It does not appear to complete the sync, crashes back to the iPad home screen, and then completely fails to launch afterwards, crashing back to the home screen every time I try to open it.

There are a number of users reporting this same issue within the user ratings in the App Store – and I have reported it via the Evernote blog site as well.

I hope the Evernote devs are working on an urgent update for the app.

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