Evernote for iPad – Update On Its Way

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Evernote – the powerful and feature-rich notes app for iOS – got a huge update yesterday. Nearly all of it was directed at the iPhone version, even though it’s a universal app. So the iPhone version has had a massive UI overhaul.

And it looks miles better. It now has a far more attractive home page, a dedicated search page, and some great ‘resource views’ to see attachments, images in notes, tags, and maps of where notes were made. The only thing that, sadly has not improved much is the actual note editing interface.

The Evernote team is not forgetting about the iPad though. They’ve got plans for an iPad-focused update as well:

Evernote for iPad got numerous behind-the-scenes improvements as part of this update. You can expect many of the ideas and concepts from this iPhone redesign to make their way into upcoming versions of Evernote for iPad. Stay tuned.

Good to know.

Via: Evernote Blog

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