Evernote Gets Another Update & a Cool New Linkup with Reeder RSS App

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Evernote – the excellent note-taking and so much more app for the iPad and iOS – has had another nice update this week (to Version 4.1.2), and has also now got a very cool new linkup with the popular Reeder for iPad RSS app.

You can now send posts to Evernote right from within the Reeder for iPad app.

When you download Reeder, you’ll notice that there’s a familiar elephant icon in the app which lets you immediately send posts you might want to remember to your Evernote account. When you send a post to your Evernote account, it’ll automatically be saved to your default notebook, nicely formatted and, of course, searchable.

Here’s the full change list for the 4.1.2 update for Evernote:

Create and edit notes in notebooks shared with you
Improved copy and paste support
Create and edit checkboxes for lists and to-dos
Improved handling of simplified text
Edit notes that contain encrypted text
Images, files and encryption are in-line in simplified notes
Improved handling of new-lines in notes, new lines are preserved

As always, the regular updates and improvements to the Evernote app are appreciated, but I am most excited about the new integration with Reeder. That’s a great new feature for users of the Reeder app. My favorite RSS app for the iPad has been River of News for ages now – but this new connection to Evernote is exciting to me, and I’ll definitely be taking a look at Reeder again.

Here are App Store links for Evernote (a free app) and Reeder for iPad ($4.99).

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