Evernote iPad App Gets a Huge Update – Adds Rich Text Support, New UI, Passcode Lock & Lots More

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Evernote – one of the best and most feature-rich note-taking apps for iPad and iOS – has had a huge, major update this week, to Version 4.1.0.

The single biggest new headline feature is rich text support. You can now use formatting options like styles, bold and italic, underline and strikethrough, bulleted and numbered lists, blockquotes, and even add links to text. It’s excellent to see this added to Evernote.

There are lots more big new features though – as the Evernote blog indicates when talking about the update:

There are updates and then there are UPDATES. Our users are not shy about letting us know what they want, so we get incredibly excited to release an update that we know will make a lot of people very happy. I have four words: iOS rich text support. I have two more words: shared notebooks. But that’s not all. We’ve also added passcode lock, a redesigned new note screen, a completely new iPad interface, and much more.


Passcode Lock is another great new feature, though this one is for Evernote Premium users only. It’s easy to turn on and off via Settings within the app, and when it’s on it prompts for a passcode each time the app is launched, even when you just switch away from it and go back to it via the multitasking bar.

There’s added support for viewing shared notebooks – access to them for now, without the ability to add notes or edit existing notes in them.

One more new feature I’ll mention is search within notes. Previously you could search all notes, but now you can also search within individual notes. Very cool.

The iPad version of this universal app also has a new design that has smartened it up a bit.

Again, the new support for rich text is a huge thing to see added, and it works very nicely. It has some limits, explained in Evernote’s blog post about the update:

There are some limitations to be aware of. You won’t be able to make direct changes to notes that contains more complex styles than what can be made in Evernote for iOS. These may include web clips, other typefaces or tables.

If you try to edit a complex note, you’ll be presented with new options: Append or Simplify. Append will add your additions to the end of the note. If you choose Simplify, Evernote will simplify the styles in the note to ones that are editable, which means that some complex styles may disappear. If you want to get back to the original, you can fish it out of the trash.

That makes sense and I’m fine with those limitations. Up to now, I had times where I shied away from using any formatting at all in Evernote on the desktop, to avoid any aggravation with the way the iPad app would (not be able to) handle it. Now I can happily use bold headings and basic styles in notes and work with them effortlessly on the iPad as well. Very good stuff.

Here’s the full list of what’s new in the 4.1.0 update:

• Add rich text styles, lists and links to notes (iOS 4.2 and above)
• Edit existing notes containing simple styles (iOS 4.2 and above)
• Redesigned New Note and Edit Note screens on iPhone
• Access Shared Notebooks
• Tap an image in a note to launch a slideshow
• Premium users can lock Evernote with a passcode
• Search within individual notes
• Redesigned iPad look and feel
• iPad: Pinch and zoom into the note list
• iPad: Support for multi-selection of notes for easy sharing and deletion
• Numerous interface improvements and bug fixes

And here’s an App Store link for Evernote; it’s still a free app and a universal app that’s designed for both the iPad and the iPhone.

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