Evernote iPad App Gets Big 5.0 Update

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Evernote for iPad

Evernote, the hugely powerful and versatile note-taking app for iPad and iOS, has had big update today – to Version 5.0.

The app’s interface has been completely revamped and now offers quick access to all these features on its main screen:

  • New notes via snazzy new icons
  • Recently opened notes list
  • Premium features
  • Places and Tags sections
  • Notebooks
  • All Notes

The app now lets you create new notes with fewer taps and shows notes in a new card style that gives a little thumbnail glimpse at note content.

Evernote iPad Premium

Here’s a look at the new Notebooks section:

Evernote Notebooks

And here’s the full change list for this new version:

• New home screen features quick access to notes, notebooks, tags, places, and Premium features
• Create new notes with fewer taps using home screen quick note buttons
• Note list redesigned with new card style to showcase note content
• Added ability to quickly create new notebooks from the Notebooks list
• Places displays notes on a zoomable map
• Evernote Premium view lets you access Premium features and account status
• New unified shared notebook list shows your notebooks and ones shared with you
New iPad features:
• Added notebook stack support in Notebooks view
• List of recently viewed, edited and created notes appear on the home screen for easy multi-tasking

I don’t think Evernote will be nominated for any design awards, but I do think these interface changes looks promising if not gorgeous to look at. I’ve only just installed the update, but I’m hopeful that these changes will make the app easier to work with on the iPad.

What do you all think of this big 5.0 update for Evernote on the iPad?

Here’s an App Store link for Evernote; it’s a free app.

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6 thoughts on “Evernote iPad App Gets Big 5.0 Update”

  1. I use Evernote because it seems to be the best multi-platform tool for note-taking. But I’ve always been frustrated by its not being all that user friendly. These new updates are great, and much needed. It is now infinitely easier to browse through my notes. Maybe one day it will become as impressive as OneNote was.

  2. Hi Patrick, I updated Evernote to this version following your recommendation and, my jaw dropped to the floor. I actually stopped using Evernote a while ago mainly because of its cumbersome interface (even editing a note required few taps…). I switched to Simplenote but this new version of E. looks really promising. Everything is literarily a tap away and the app seems much faster now. I need to play a bit more with it but my first impression is … a winner!

  3. Cool. Glad to hear you guys are liking it too. And Chad, yeah I was a OneNote user several years back – it was / probably still is an impressive app. It just doesn’t come close to matching Evernote’s cross-platform support.

  4. The recent update to Evernote may have enchanted the visuals of the UI but it is a significant step back in terms of functionality. It is also slow and laggy at times. Not to mention prone to crashes if you try to delete notebooks or tags.

    Previously available functions such as the ability to sort notes by date created have been removed. Also removed is the list view for notes. These are essential functions for power users.

    Be very, very careful before updating. I have reverted back to the prior version as have many other users.

  5. Hello,,

    I posted a comment here earlier this morning highlighting some of the problems and removed functionality on the new version of Evernote but my comment is not showing. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Sorry Ethan – I could’ve sworn I had approved that comment earlier when I first saw it, It’s approved now.

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