Evernote Updated, Adds New Rich Text Editor for iPad

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Evernote, the powerful and feature-rich note taking app for iPad and iOS, has been updated again this week, to Version 4.1.6.

The big new addition for iPad users is a new rich text editor for iPad running iOS 5. This has always been Evernote’s Achilles heel. It syncs beautifully and automatically between iOS devices and desktop, it’s available everywhere, it’s got powerful OCR capabilities, and increasing number of links to other iOS apps, and plenty of other strong features – but editing notes in the app has always seemed crappy.

I take tons of notes on my iPad 2, and the apps I use most often for this are the ones where the UI for editing and writing is much nicer than Evernote’s – Plain Text, iA Writer and Elements have been my favorites for a while.

I’ve been playing with the new rich text editor for Evernote a little bit and so far I quite like it. It’s still nowhere near as clean as the apps mentioned above, but it has got some very slick formatting features now. For starters, you can now edit any note on the iPad – no more need to append and lose formatting or any of that nonsense.

It also now has things like the ability to easily add an image inline, and increase and decrease indent levels for text. These go along with its many formatting options – bold, italics, underline, strikethrough text, checkboxes, and bulleted and numbered lists.

Apart from the new rich text editor, this update also adds the ability to stop sharing notes and some assorted bug fixes.

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