Evernote Updated – Finally Runs on My iPad

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Evernote for iPad

Hurrah.  The Evernote app got an update yesterday – to Version 3.3.2 – and now it will finally run without crashes on my iPad. Previously it was continually failing to launch after using it just a few times, crashing straight back to the home screen – even after a couple of remove and reinstall efforts.


Here’s the full list of changes in the new 3.3.2 version:

  • Full screen note viewing on the iPad
  • Fixed geo-tagging for new notes
  • Fixed integration with some third-party apps
  • Fixed several syncing issues, including the "u2" error
  • Fixes slow (header) synchronization on iPhone
  • Speeds up (header) synchronization on iPad
  • Fixes crash when quitting iPhone application while editing a note
  • Significant performance improvement in the iPad places view
  • Improvements to the audio recorder

I’m hoping Evernote will remain stable on the iPad now, as it looks very promising in the brief time I’ve spent with it – and it is my go-to notes app on the Mac. 

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3 thoughts on “Evernote Updated – Finally Runs on My iPad”

  1. Funny, never crashed for me, first installed on Sat april 3, have over 3750 note in 28 notebooks.

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