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It’s been a big week for my favorite iPad / iPhone / iOS / Mac forums site, everythingiCafe. The site has had a huge overhaul and now features a gorgeous new design and much tighter integration of its forums, front page, and community elements.

They’ve also updated their iOS app, which is now universal, so it is fully designed for both the iPad and iPhone.

The app looks good and works well on the iPad. It gives everyone (even non members) complete access to the site forums, while members get even more features – things like the ability to see subscribed topics, private messages, see unread posts, and upload images to the forum. 

EIC has been my favorite iOS related forum since the early days of the original iPhone and it’s great to see it continually improving. Its new look and new iPad app are especially welcome changes – the iPad app will help me be more active more often at the site.

Here’s an App Store link for the everythingiCafe app; it’s a free universal app, designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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