Excellent Evernote Peek App Updated to Work with Original iPad

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It really is a good day to be an original iPad owner. I posted earlier about the cool new iOS 5 multitasking gestures coming to the original iPad in a few weeks in the iOS 5.0.1 update, and here’s more good news. The excellent and clever learning app, Evernote Peek, has been updated to support the original iPad.

Evernote Peek was the first app released that worked specifically with the iPad 2 smart cover. In fact, the smart cover was required in order for the app to work. It was my pick for Best Free iPad App of the Week back in June and the app has continued to get better since then. 

This week the app has been updated (to Version 2.1) and now supports a swipeable Virtual Cover to use in place of an actual smart cover.

The app is very simple but very effective as a quick quiz and exam prep tool. You pick a subject / Evernote notebook and then just peek under the cover (or virtual cover) to see a question. Pull the cover a little farther back to reveal the answer. You carry on doing this through however many questions there are in each notebook, and you can tap once on each answer screen to mark your answers correct or incorrect.

Evernote Peek offers up a number of notebooks on a range of topics to get you going, but the real powerful part is that you can use any of your own Evernote notebooks. So you can create your own test prep quizzes on any topic you need to.

With the new virtual covers you can even choose which color cover you want – a fun little touch.


Here’s an App Store link for Evernote Peek.

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