Facebook App Gets a Major Update – Speedier

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Facebook iPad App

The official Facebook app for iPad and iOS was updated yesterday, to version 5.0.

This update promises to bring a much speedier experience to the Facebook app – as the change list for it makes clear:

We’ve rebuilt the app so it’s faster and easier to use.
* Scrolling through news feed is faster than ever
* New banner lets you tap to quickly see more stories – no need to refresh
* Photos open fast and close with one downward swipe
* Instant access to your notifications

I installed the update yesterday evening and spent a good chunk of time with the app last night – and it really does seem much zippier all the way around. It also appears to be a little more stable and consistent so far, though of course time will tell on that front.

I’m sure we have lots of iPad Facebook users here. What do you all think of this latest Facebook app update?

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14 thoughts on “Facebook App Gets a Major Update – Speedier”

  1. Speed and other improvements are really welcome and way overdue but it looks like it wasn’t tested thoroughly enough.. Myself and others cannot load our own Wall.. So you can’t post a status update or view your own photos… Sucks.. Hopefully it’ll get solved soon!

  2. I love it. I really like the overall look. I’ve been using Google+ lately on my iPad mainly because of the design and layout. It’s really quite extraordinary looking. The only problem is that barely anyone I know uses it. But now the Facebook layout is almost identical to Google+ but even easier to operate. Well done Facebook.

  3. Overall, I’m very happy with the speed boost. I did think something was wrong with the photos, due to the way they kind of stuck out on each side, but I guess that is the way they are supposed to be.

  4. I like the update EXCEPT that my wife and I both use the iPad and were previously able to have an icon for each of our accounts. It looks as though you cannot do that with the new update. Each time we have type in our separate login and password.

    Anyone know of a work around?

  5. Since the upgrade, users cannot switch to landscape mode from the iphone app. Any ideas or can it be fixed please? (I touch type in landscape mode because the keys are better spaced apart).

  6. I’m having the same issue as Corrie. I’ve checked to see if my auto rotate was locked, I’ve attempted to turn the phone off and on again to reset, I’ve double clicked the home button to reload apps, and I’ve deleted the Facebook app And added it again to “update” it and still yet no auto rotate for facebook. I also flip to landscape to type for the finger space so it’s kind of been a deterrent from actually using the app. It looks nice, though.

  7. I have noticed that the times of my postings are incorrect, 8 hours out! My location is right. If I use Safari they are correct, so I don’t think it’s my ipad. Apart from that, I like it :-)

  8. Since installing the new update to Facebook on my iPad, I can only see my business page in the same way as anyone else can, the photographs uploaded by my daughter don’t show up whereas other peope’s do, the list of pages that I’ve liked has disappeared from the ‘friends’ list, I’ve been changed to Timeline and most of the comments I want to re-access have disappeared. All in all I wish I’d never bothered.

  9. I can’t rotate from portrait to landscape anymore. I hope they fix that. Other than that the updates work great.

  10. Well its really fast and it certainly looks great , but its still lacks very basic features like changing ur profile picture. !! Am sure ipad users are trying to get rid of using the computer, but it looks like we have to after all

  11. I would like to have our icons back. Since update we have to enter your email plus password. Much easier to click on icon and enter password.

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