Facepad – Facebook for iPad App Looks Promising

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Facepad - Facebook for iPad

Facepad – Facebook for iPad (let’s just call it Facepad from here on, OK?), as you just might have guessed from the name, is a new Facebook app for the iPad. And it’s quite a promising and good looking one at that.

It definitely has a more glossy and attractive UI than the other well-known Facebook app for the iPad, Friendly. I’ve been trying it out just a little this morning and I’m finding it quite nice to use.

Of course there’s a great opening right now for Facebook apps for the iPad, since there is still no official app from Facebook themselves. I’ve been mostly using their iPhone app at the 2X size on my iPad – but after just a little while with Facepad I think I already prefer it.


The app has borrowed a bit of the interface style of the official Twitter app for iPad – with large popover panes for Facebook sections – Profile, Live Feed, Friends, Inbox and so on – that can be swiped away when you’re through with using a particular section. This works well and is comfortable to use.

It still feels a lot like a 1.0 version – which it is. There are places where it is flaky in its response, and I cannot get it to let me reply to an Inbox message at all – it won’t recognize a tap in the reply text field at all.

I’m not a heavy Facebook user, so I’m probably failing to notice lots of notable points about the app – but I am finding myself using Facebook more just lately and this will now be my preferred way to interact with it on the iPad. So I may have more to say soon, once I get to know the app better.

You can find Facepad in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

If you’ve had a chance to give the app a try, let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: I meant to mention above that another big limitation of this app right now is that it only works in landscape mode. Also, as I’m using it a bit more periodically today, I’m seeing a lot of buggy performance from its popovers – especially when trying to add a comment to someone’s status.

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5 thoughts on “Facepad – Facebook for iPad App Looks Promising”

  1. …I've just deleted the app from my iPad. It crashed on me couple times. Videos with sound only. Can't see some images.
    Buggy, buggy…Too bad. maybe in a couple of versions…

  2. I don’t understand. Facebook.com works just fine for me. While I enjoy the iPhone app, the website is sufficient, IMO…

    PS – Why can’t I comment logged in like I can on iSource?

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