FaceTime App Causing Freeze-up Issues on iPad 2

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FaceTime is one of the two new built-in apps on the iPad 2 that take advantage of its new front and back facing cameras. It’s also one of the slick new features of the iPad 2 – and to me it feels like the iPad 2 is the natural and best fit for FaceTime

It looks like not all iPad 2 users are having as good an experience as I have with FaceTime though. Apple Insider reports that a number of iPad2 users are having severe issues with the app freezing up.

A few kinks apparently still need to be ironed out with the newly released iPad 2, as some users have reported freezing issues with the FaceTime video chat feature, requiring a restart of the device.

A handful of users on Apple’s support forums have posted to a growing thread where they have described a problem where the image displayed by the forward-facing camera on the iPad 2 crashes in the FaceTime application.

I haven’t seen these sort of issues at all with FaceTime so far, and I’ve run it with many other apps also running in the background. I hope Apple’s next iOS update will squash these issues though.

How is FaceTime working for you so far? Are you seeing any freezing problems when using it?

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