Favorite iPad Showing Off Apps: Keynote

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Keynote on iPad presentation

I believe the iPad is an amazing device – no shocker there if you’re even a semi-regular reader here of course. The wealth of outstanding apps for the iPad is one of the biggest reasons why it’s such a great device. Some of these app just scream to be showed off when you’re with friends, whether or not they use an iPad. In particular, for those who don’t (yet) use an iPad showing off some of the ‘wow factor’ sort of apps is a great way to introduce them to what’s possible on Apple’s tablet.

Keynote is one of my favorite ‘showing off’ sort of iPad apps. It’s published by Apple themselves and is part of their iWork (Microsoft Office equivalent) suite of apps. Keynote is a slideshow presentations app, as Powerpoint is within the Office suite – and the iPad version of it is one of the very best iPad apps in any category. It’s also a perfect example of how much you can do on the iPad – one that clearly puts the lie to those ‘iPad is all about consumption not creation’ ideas.

I’ve created numerous presentations on Keynote for iPad, from start to finish with no need at all to do anything on a desktop – including some detailed presentations with 50 slides and more. And it’s not just been possible to do them on Keynote on the iPad, but it’s been a pleasure to create and edit them in the app.

Keynote for iPad

Here are just a few of the things that are simple to do within Keynote for iPad with simple taps and intuitive gestures:

— Add images to slides and resize them and reposition them

— Add, edit, and adjust format and style of text elements

— Duplicate slides

— Re-order your slides

— Add 3D charts, rotate them, and add build effects to them

–Animate objects on slides and use a range of transitions

— Import Powerpoint presentations and export in Powerpoint format

The app has iCloud and AirPlay Mirroring support as well.

I did a quick screencast demo of working with some of the newer features of Keynote for iPad last month – which gives just a little feel for how easy and enjoyable it is to work with the app.

Whenever I’ve shown off Keynote for iPad to people they’ve invariably come off hugely impressed with the app. I think it is easily Apple’s best iPad app yet and a real flagship iPad app as well.

What are some of your favorite iPad apps to show off?

Here’s an App Store link for Keynote for iPad; it’s priced at $9.99.

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2 thoughts on “Favorite iPad Showing Off Apps: Keynote”

  1. Apps many useful efficient uses for the iPad are:

    Penultimate – great for scribbling notes
    Chapters – file and organize HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of SHEETS of text.
    AudioNote – Record the meeting, scribble images, etc, then write the keynotes
    ReadleDocs – wifi USB and Document, Video and Music reader. Virtual File Server
    Doodlecast Pro – Need to showcase a recorded procedure? This is it.
    Tapose – New Collaboration app. It’s new, but functional and getting updates!

    Yes, I used them all. Look them up in the iTunes Store.

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