Feedly Comes to the iPad

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Feedly for iPad

Feedly started life as a very cool Firefox extension that enhanced Google Reader and gave your RSS feeds a slick, magazine-style presentation in a browser. It was kind of a Flipboard for the browser, but focused purely on RSS feeds.

Today Feedly has arrived on the iPad. There’s been an iPhone version of the app for some months, but today it’s been updated to a universal app, so there’s a dedicated iPad version.

I installed the app earlier and have been taking a quick look at it today. It looks good,as Feedly always has in a browser.

I love that this site is presented well in Feedly for iPad …

Feedly for iPad

Feedly for iPad

Here’s a bit of the App Store description for Feedly:

Feed your mind. Get the best content from your favorite websites delivered to your iPhone and iPad. Powered by Google Reader, Twitter, Instapaper and Read it later.

If you are an existing Google Reader user, you can think of feedly mobile as a faster and more visual overlay with lots for sharing options and seamless 2-way integration.

I haven’t spent enough time with the app yet to offer many impressions – other than it looks good and feels familiar if you’ve ever used Feedly in a browser. One thing I don’t like about it is that it works in portrait mode only. I almost never like iPad apps that force just one orientation on you.

I’ll post a review once I’ve had a chance to use the app more.

Here’s an App Store link for Feedly; it’s a free app. I can’t get it show up as an iPad app in the iPad App Store, but in iTunes on the desktop it shows correctly as a universal app.

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3 thoughts on “Feedly Comes to the iPad”

  1. Seems like a great app, but when I log into google reader, I only see a tiny fraction of my feeds (mostly Listen feeds, but only a small fraction of those). Perhaps it breaks if you have a lot of feeds (50+)? Not usable in present form, unfortunately. I’d love to find something better than feedler.

    1. Yeah, all the feeds are there I think, but you’re right, they’re not at all easy to access. I have over 200 subscriptions and the only way I’ve found so far to see them is via the Search button at bottom right. Very clumsy to navigate in the app really, the more I use it.

      I recommend River of News if you’re after a great iPad RSS reader app.

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