Feedly Reader Updated: Adds Evernote Integration

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Feedly Adds Evernote support

Well this is a fine chocolate plus peanut butter type moment. The Feedly Reader RSS app for the iPad has added Evernote integration. So now you can easily save notable news stories straight to Evernote with just a couple of taps.

The Feedly app was updated yesterday, to Version 20.0, and apart from a mention of a single crash fix the Evernote support is the only change. And that’s just fine by me, since adding a connection to Evernote is a big-time feature all by itself.

To add Evernote to your sharing options got into Settings in Feedly and tap on the ‘Favorite Saving Tool’ item near the top. Change it to Evernote. If you leave it that way, then Evernote will become the default saving method and the little ribbon for marking it saved in Feedly itself will be replaced by the Evernote elephant icon.

That’s too much for me, I prefer to still save by default to Feedly’s own Saved list. So I just immediately went back and swapped Feedly back to being the favorite in the same Settings area. Then Evernote was added nicely to the list of sharing options.

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