Feedly RSS App: How to Prep for Its Migration from Google Reader to Feedly Cloud Sync

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Feedly iPad app

The Feedly RSS service has taken a leading role in providing a replacement sync solution for when Google Reader is shutdown on July 1. They are now reaching the final stages of their migration from the Google Reader backend over to their new Feedly Cloud – and yesterday they published some advice for users on how to make sure they’re prepared for the upgrade.

The first and most important step is to make sure you are running Version 16 on all your devices – current versions are 16.0.513 on the desktop, 16.0.1 on iOS, and 16.0.5 on Android. Their guidance is that if you’re unsure of your version number on a mobile device, you should uninstall and reinstall it.

Here’s more of the advice and guidance on the upgrade:

Sync’ing via the cloud

Over the next 2-3 days you should expect to receive a green banner message (desktop) or a green card (mobile). This is the notification that your feeds and categories and up to 1,000 starred items have been successfully migrated to the feedly cloud and the articles you are seeing are coming from the feedly service.

It is important at that point that you restart the app on all your other devices so that they all connect to the feedly cloud.

The one part we did not migrate from google reader is your history (too much data) so you have to expect that you are starting from a blank history and your unread counts will be reset. This is a one time issue.

In some cases, there might be a gap of a few days in the saved items because migrating a few million accounts takes a few days. We have done our best to minimize that gap but we apologize if you are missing a few saved items. This is a one time issue too.

How do I login to my feedly cloud account?

To simplify the transition, we are going to continue to use Google Authentication to let you access your Feedly Cloud. We will be adding support for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn shortly.

How do I know which backend/version I am running?

If you visit http://www.feedly.com/home#console you should see a list of data about your system. 

Check out the Feedly post to see all the details on this migration and update.

I’ve already made sure all my devices are running the current version. Today I checked at the link above and saw that I’m still on Google Reader as the backend. That’s OK because Feedly’s post mentions that this is a rolling update and the goal is to have all existing users moved over by June 21.

I’m very impressed with how much Feedly has done, and how much they’ve improved their apps, since the news of Google Reader’s demise first broke. I feel good about using their service going forward – though I’ll still look to see how well some other old favorite RSS apps do in coming weeks as well.

For those of you who are RSS users, what app / service are you using?

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