Feedly RSS Reader App for iPad Gets a Big Update

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Feedly for iPad

Feedly, one of the RSS services which is seen as a most promising replacement for Google Reader, has updated their Feedly iPad app this week – to Version 14.

Recent reports say Feedly has gained some 3 million new users since Google announced it is shutting down Google Reader in July, and this update to the app is certainly showing some love for new and existing Feedly users.

Here’s the full change list for this update:

☂ Fixes random logout bug, and many other smaller issues
★ New Feed Search and Discovery.
★ New Title Only View. More controls over layouts.
★ Enhanced Sharing & Save for Later
★ New “Must Read” Section to easily organize the feeds you don’t want to miss
★ Customize Favorite Sharing Tool to G+, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, Email or browser
★ Customize Favorite Save for Later Tool to Pocket
★ Mark as read card at the end of each sections
★ Pull to refresh in the home selector

I’ve been using Feedly on my iPad mini and in a desktop browser more over recent days – as I’m one of the many people looking out for and testing out best solutions for when Google Reader goes away. I think this is a good update or Feedly, and some of these new features look quite useful. The app still feels a little too magazine like for my taste. I’d rather see a simpler UI – as I feel more than covered for magazine style news via Flipboard and Zite.

What do you all think of the Feedly update? What is your favorite RSS app on the iPad and desktop?

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One thought on “Feedly RSS Reader App for iPad Gets a Big Update”

  1. I love Feedly on the Mac and have used it for years, but I’m having trouble getting used to it for my iPhone and iPad. I prefer a simpler UI on the phone/tablet and have been using Feeddler for a long time. However, I figure I need to get used to Feedly on all devices, as they seem to have a very good plan for post-Google Reader support. Feeddler’s plan is not as good.

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