FileMaker Go for iPad Launched

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FileMaker Go

This should be great news for users of FileMaker databases. FileMaker Go for iPad is now available in the App Store.  There’s also a (separate) iPhone version of the app – and here’s a quick rundown (via TUAW) of what these new mobile versions will allow you to do with FileMaker DBs:

The two separate applications ($19.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version, $39.99 for the iPad version) don’t allow the creation of new databases — you’ll need FileMaker 7 or higher for Mac or Windows to tackle that. Once your databases are created, however, you can access them remotely over WiFi or 3G (given the proper networking configuration for your server, or a hosted FM provider) and update records, search and browse on the fly.

And here’s a lot more detail from the FileMaker Go for iPad App Store page:

View, edit and search your FileMaker Pro records on your iPad with FileMaker Go. Whether you’re checking inventory in the warehouse, managing event registration on-site, or updating project status while traveling, you can do it all while you’re on the go.

Build your databases using FileMaker Pro and then remotely access your data with FileMaker Go. Your existing FileMaker Pro layouts look amazing on the large iPad display screen – no modification is necessary for most solutions.

Work with data just like you would on FileMaker Pro. Add, modify, or delete information. Find, sort, and navigate through records. Switch between layouts and display data in familiar Form, Table, and List views. Plus your favorite FileMaker Pro features such as portals, Tab Controls, Quick Find, Web Viewers, External SQL Data Sources, and most scripts work as you’d expect on FileMaker Go.

With FileMaker Go easily connect to databases hosted on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro via a local wireless network or over the Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G. All changes are instantly updated in the hosted file. This makes it easy to share data with others back at the office or out in the field.

If you don’t have access to FileMaker Server or will not have an Internet connection while you’re on the go, simply copy your solutions directly onto FileMaker Go for iPad using File Sharing in iTunes. View conference schedules, organize photos, manage contacts, and more. If you make updates to the file, copy the database back to your desktop or laptop via iTunes. This is ideal for single-user databases.

You can also copy your databases to FileMaker Go by downloading the file from email, popular file sharing sites, or the web.

With FileMaker Go for iPad you can access your FileMaker Pro information anywhere you go.

FileMaker Go is also available separately for iPhone.

-    Requires FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced to create or modify databases.
-    FileMaker Go opens databases created using FileMaker Pro 11, 10, 9, 8.5, 8 and 7; FileMaker Pro Advanced 11, 10, 9, 8.5, and 8; and FileMaker Developer 7.
-    Product support for FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced 8.5 and 8 ends September 23, 2010. FileMaker Pro 7 and Developer 7 are no longer supported.
-    FileMaker Go connects to databases hosted by FileMaker Server/Server Advanced 11 and 10 and FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced 11 and 10. Opening databases hosted with previous versions of FileMaker Server/Server Advanced or FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced has not been tested.
-    Accessing hosted files requires your iPad to be able to directly connect to FileMaker Server/Server Advanced or FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced including the ability to pass through any existing firewalls.
-    Synchronization is not supported, but database files can be copied between FileMaker Go and the desktop or laptop via File Sharing in iTunes.
-    Database schema, layouts, and scripts cannot be created or modified using FileMaker Go.
-    Some scripts are not supported. For a complete list visit:
Get a complete list of features supported in FileMaker Go:

FileMaker databases have always been considered among the most user-friendly – so these new iPad and iPhone versions should be popular apps, though they both have relatively large price tags.  Oh, and they’ve got quite snazzy app icons as well …

FileMaker Go icon

You can find FileMaker Go in the App Store now, priced at $39.99.

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