Finally, Google+ for iPad

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Google+  iPad app

Well, it only took a year – but as of yesterday we finally have a Google+ iPad app. I’ve done more than my fair share of complaining about the lack of a Google+ app for the iPad, so I’m very happy that it has arrived.

It hit the App Store yesterday when I was in the middle of wrestling with some major site issues – apologies for the downtime by the way – so I didn’t get a chance to try out the app until last night.

Here’s the change list for the 3.0 update that brings the iPad app:

✓ Full iPad support
✓ New feature: Google+ Events
✓ Attach Instant Upload photos to posts
✓ Start and join hangouts

I’ve now spent a little time with the new Google+ iPad app and have some very quick first impressions on it.

Google+  iPad app

For starters, I think the circles / stream views look quite nice in both landscape and portrait mode. And the interface is intuitive and easy in most places. It’s easy to add a comment, reshare a post, write a new post, upload an image, and so on.

Google+  iPad app

It’s also easy to switch the streams / circles you’re viewing content from.

Streams One not so impressive features is this one:

— When viewing an individual post the views don’t seem properly sized for the iPad. The content takes up a very small portion of the space in both landscape and portrait view. It just looks very odd.

Google+  iPad app

For now, I’m quite happy to see that at least we finally have a Google+ iPad app. I may share more thoughts on it as I spend more time using it.

What do you all think of Google+ for iPad?

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