Financial Times iPad Edition – Looks Good

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Financial Times iPad Edition 

The Financial Times iPad Edition is the latest blue-chip newspaper title to come to the iPad.

I’m not a regular follower of financial news, but whenever I do fancy a look I’ve always found the Financial Times to be my favorite source.  I was happy to see their iPad edition is free (until the end of July) and have been browsing through it over the last day or so.

I think the app looks great.  Here are just a few quick thoughts on it and some screenshots:

Strong Content

If you’ve ever checked out the printed or online editions of the FT you won’t be at all surprised to hear that the content of the iPad edition is very strong.  That starts with the front page, with the day’s major stories, links to top stories within the paper’s sections, and a range of news videos …

Financial Times iPad Edition app

The main content sections include: Companies, United Kingdom, World, Markets, Global Economy, Arts & Leisure, Personal Finance, and more.

Financial Times on the iPad

Nice UI, Comfortable to Read, with A Few Bells & Whistles

The interface for the app is very good too.  In portrait mode, you swipe up to scroll down a page and left to advance to the next section of the paper. In landscape mode the principle remains the same, but scrolling an individual article is done via left and right swipes.

Text is very nicely sized in both modes.  I’ve never felt a need to pinch or zoom to read comfortably.

On the front page and main section pages you can simply tap the page title to bring up a coverflow style panel showing all the sections, from where one tap on a section name will take you to it.  You can also tap and drag to re-arrange the order of the sections, a very nice touch.

There’s a search dialog at the top right of the front page, to help find stories / news you’re interested in.

Lots of elements on the front page are tap-able.  Tapping a sidebar ad brings up a full-screen image …

FT on the iPad

And a single tap on any of the videos shown in the middle of the front page starts it playing straight away in place.

FT iPad edition

It’s easy and comfortable to read in both view modes as well.

Trial Limits You to Viewing 3 Individual Articles

After that you’ll be prompted to sign in (if you have an existing FT online account) or register (for free) for limited access (10 articles per 30 days).  Information on an online account is available at the site:


Version looked at for this post: 1.0

iTunes Link

Price: The app itself is free, but see above for limits of free access and subscription options.

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