Flipboard Adds New Books Section, Powered by the iBookstore

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Flipboard Books

Flipboard, the flagship magazine app for the iPad and iPhone, added a major new category yesterday – Books. The new Books category is powered by Apple’s iBookstore and features top titles across 25 genre sections. Here’s a little more detail on the new category via Inside Flipboard:

Whether you’re into cookbooks or computer books, fiction or non, all of the iBookstore pages have been specially designed and optimized for Flipboard. The books sections’ clean, white pages offer a well-lighted space in which to decide what to read next. In addition to a write-up of the book from the publisher and an image of the book, each “article” also contains a quick way to download the book from the iBookstore. Once you get it, you can naturally enjoy all the features of iBooks on your iPhone or iPad, including fully illustrated books like children’s picture books, art books, photo books and cookbooks.

Flipboard’s new Books category, with all the iBookstore sections, are available in the local Flipboard Content Guides, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Brazil, only on iOS devices. Tap the red ribbon and scroll down to the country selector in “This Week” to explore books popular in any of these countries.

The new category looks good and is a great way to check out all the latest, greatest iBookstore offerings. It seems like great news for the iBookstore too. With the billions of ‘flips’ (Flipboard’s equivalent of page views) that the app draws, you couldn’t ask for a much better showcase for Apple’s book store on iOS devices.

What do you all think of this new Flipboard category? Will you end up buying more iBooks because of it?

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One thought on “Flipboard Adds New Books Section, Powered by the iBookstore”

  1. Wow! pretty neat. I have to check it out. I LOVE FlipBoard.

    I wished more Magazines would go this way outside of their websites.

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