Flipboard Updated – Adds More Sections and Several Enhancements

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Flipboard iPad social news app

Flipboard is a social news app for the iPad. It’s one of several iPad apps that offers a much more visually exciting rendering of the latest news from the web and lets you customize it heavily with your own choices of content from Facebook, Twitter, and various sources in a range of popular categories – world news, art, fashion, technology and science, and so on.

It’s been recently updated, to Version 1.0.2.  It’s not a huge / major update, but it’s got some good additions and enhancements to an already stellar app. Hit the jump for details on the new version’s changes …

Here’s what is changed in this new version:

More sections: Add up to 21 sections to your Flipboard. Remove accounts that you don’t use.
Faster launch: Start browsing content immediately, limited offline browsing.
Fresher content: Automatic refresh when new content is ready. Loads more pages when you get close to the end of a section.
Even better layout: Smarter page layouts. Web page snapshots are shown when text preview isn’t available.
Better recommendations: Easier to browse recommended sections and add custom feeds.
Other features: Retweet with comment, more reliable video playback, view original web page for cover images, better Facebook feed fidelity.

Flipboard has been my favorite social news app ever since I first installed it.  This update is not an earth-shaking one, but it’s a nice little step up in a few areas and the app does definitely feel snappier.

You can find this latest version of Flipboard in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

Any other Flipboard fans here? 

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3 thoughts on “Flipboard Updated – Adds More Sections and Several Enhancements”

  1. I'm a Flibpoard fan. I installed the Flipboard update. Even though load times are a bit faster, there is still a noticeable lag and they still need to improve this. Otherwise, I really enjoy the app. A nice way to review material.

    1. Hmmm – I haven't seen as much of the lag / slowness – feels quicker most of the time to me now. I enjoy the app a lot too – very good concept and very well executed.

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