Flipboard Updated – New Profile Pages, New Magazine Features & More

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Final Cut Pro Flipboard magazine

Flipboard, the superb news magazine for iPad and iOS, has been updated again today – adding new profile pages, new features for its recently added roll your own magazines, and more.

Today’s update is to Version 2.0.2 – here’s the full change list for it:

-Get a window onto your readership and curation activity with new profile pages.
-Discover magazines by friends quickly in new Friends category in the Content Guide.
-Select a social network and access options more easily in the improved share menu.
-Share magazines and stories with friends and family via SMS text messaging.
-Save images directly to your device. Tap item’s share icon, then “Save to Camera Roll.”
-Improved navigation for Google Reader RSS folders

Flipboard only just added the ability to create your own magazines within the app less than two months ago. It’s very cool to see it already adding some nice new features for them.

Flipboard Profile

The profile page is a nice addition too. I edited mine a little this morning – it now has some of the same detail as on my Google+ profile.

I’m also happy to see that it’s now easier to find magazines created by friends.

Flipboard Friends

Although I have had my Google Reader subscriptions added to Flipboard for quite a while now, I haven’t looked much at that section in quite a while. So I’m not entirely sure which elements are brand new in this update – but it’s good to see that Flipboard is thinking about Google Reader users given its impending shutdown, and adding some features in this area.

Flipboard Google Reader folders

Overall, I’d say this is another impressive update for Flipboard. There are a growing number of iPad apps that offer to let you create and publish your own content. I think Flipboard is now one of the best options for doing this, and they certainly seem to be stepping up their game in this area.

What are some of your favorite Flipboard magazines? Are you sharing any of your own yet?

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