Flipboard Usage and Number of Users Surging

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Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard, the superb, award winning social news app for the iPad, has seen its usage and its number of users growing tremendously over the last couple of months – with usage roughly tripling and number of users doubling.

All Things Digital spoke to Flipboard’s CEO recently and learned that the app is now getting nine million ‘flips’ per day – flips being the gesture used for page turns in Flipboard so this should roughly equate to page views. 9 million a day for a mobile app ain’t too shabby – and that’s up from 3 to 4 million just a couple months ago. The app’s number of users has also doubled in the same time frame, though the specific number of users (now or before) was not given.

The launch of the iPad 2 would seem to be one of the major factors in this growth surge for the app – along with the fact that Flipboard is a flagship iPad app, listed by just about everyone as one of or the best iPad app to come out so far.

I’m definitely a member of the Flipboard fan club – it’s been a fixture on my first home screen on the iPad ever since I first installed it. If you haven’t had a chance to give this great app a look yet, here’s an App Store link for Flipboard; it’s free and it’s every bit as great as all the hype and praise for it suggest.

Quick Shout-Out: When I went to grab the screenshot used at the top of the post I was happy to see that the front page cover image is from Richard Stovall, my line partner at many recent major Apple launches, including the original iPad line.

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