Franklin Covey iPad App Coming in September?

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It looks like we may see another good option for task management on the iPad in a couple months, as Franklin Covey, of the famed Franklin Covey planning system, may be releasing an iPad app in September.

Reader Chris was kind enough to leave us a comment on a post of ours on iPad use cases, and even provided the screenshot shown above. Here’s his comment:

I am a certified Franklin Covey facilitator in many of the great courses Covey offers and too love the paper planning system.  One requirement of any certified facilitator to maintain certification is to attend a yearly Facilitator Enhancement Day (FED).  I attended a FED in May 2011 and they introduced us to a new productivity solution that they plan on launching in September 2011.  In the participant manual we received there is a screenshot of an iPad app showing a new productivity solution.  

This is very good news for the many fans of the Franklin Covey system. I’ve recently switched to OmniFocus for task management on the iPad and I’m very happy with it, but I always like seeing more good choices for this type of productivity app.

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8 thoughts on “Franklin Covey iPad App Coming in September?”

  1. FC’s software has always been terrible. Very buggie and it never does what they promise. The only way I would ever try it again is if it is free.

  2. So has there been any update on this. I love the planners, and can not find any software for the Ipad that does what I want. However, I will not carry a paper planner anymore.

  3. Attended the new “5 Choices” training today and was told that the software was supposed to be available at Thanksgiving, but they are now planning on releasing at the end of December.

  4. So I take it they are just going to pretend that Apple and Google don’t have tablets, and that we nolonger have to carry planners around. They hope that people will just keep carrying around dead trees?

    I searched there site and they do not event talk about new software.

  5. I was on a tech support call with FC months ago and the rep confirmed its in the works, for whatever that is worth. The Android app has been out, Ipad can’t be much further behind. Could also be delay a bit having to jump through the Apple approval hoops, but who knows. Will keep waitingl……..

  6. I have been using the FC planner system for over 20 plus years and it is a good system. I think with the advento of the ipad and tablet FC need to improve their software and make the planning system the best in the industry. I like the FC paper system and the software (SW) system needs work just like the paper system except the SW system can be made even better. For example if you start by listing your task then if you complete one then place a check with an associated note on the right hand page just like the paper copy. Additionally, if you delegate a task then show to whom you delegated the task and have the software forward a task follow up to the date you need to check back with the person you delegated the task. The forwarded task need to have a reference back to the day and task where the forwarded task came from. If you forward a task the same should be true as above to have full circle tracking of where the task came from. Additionally, I manage 12 to 15 projects all the time. If there was a tab for each project then when I write a task or note it would be listed in the tab for that project showing dates and then you could refer back to the date for more information. There is a great need for a much better SW planning system and FRC is missing the boat if they do not complete the design to make the SW work as good as the paper and they have great opps to make it much better, Make it the Best Planner. I will sell it to many if they upgrade it. FC Contact me and I will work with you to make it much better. I tried to contact FC and give them my ideas but it hard to get through to them. Dan

    1. Tried Opus Domini. Good start, but very clunky. The iphone version is way too crowded because they tried to squeeze everything you see on the desktop app onto a smartphone screen. No syncing with iCal Reminders.

      But here’s the real worry for me: have you seen their website? Looks like an 8th grader in 1997 made it with iWeb; I mean really, check it out. That is worrisome and not sure I want to invest time and effort on such a product when it doesn’t even seem these folks know what they’re doing.

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