Friended – First Native Facebook App for the iPad?

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Friended Facebook app for iPad

Friended is a new Facebook app for the iPad. Its developers reckon it’s the first truly native Facebook app for iPad. Here’s its App Store intro:

Introducing the world’s first native Facebook iPad app, Friended. Designed from the ground up for the iPad, Friended has all the features of Facebook you know and love, designed into a gorgeous iPad interface.

-News Feeds
-Photo Galleries
-Quick view profile popovers

I’m not a heavy user of Facebook, but I have been using it a lot more just lately – so I gave this app a quick try earlier today. It’s quite nice to use and seems pretty quick at most things. It lets you see a lot of elements at once (e.g. live feed, recently posted pictures, friends, live chat bar with online friends shown etc) – and makes good use of popovers to let you interact with them easily.

Using live chat worked very well, and overall the app looks fast and solid so far – after just a brief trial run.

I think I like the interface of the Friendly app just a little better, but I’m going to use both apps a little more and then share some further thoughts.

Here’s an App Store link for Friended; it’s priced at $0.99.

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6 thoughts on “Friended – First Native Facebook App for the iPad?”

    1. I mentioned Friendly above. I like Friendly’s UI quite a bit and will be using both apps more and comparing them.

  1. I prefer friended to friendly tbh, the chat bar is there on first glance and the interface is a lot more prettier with the layout

    Problem is though, when you wanna see a comment on your photo, it doesn’t show any of then, which is really stupid, but meh I can cope with that.

    Next update they should have a built in browser :)

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