Gmail on the iPad!

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Good news if you’re an iPad owner and a fan of using Gmail in a browser rather than a mail app.  The good folks at Gmail have worked up something special for the iPad already.

With today’s release of the iPad, we’re launching an experimental two-pane user interface to take advantage of its large touchscreen and tablet form factor. Building upon the Gmail for mobile web app, this new interface displays your conversations on the left and your messages on the right hand side.

All the features of the Gmail web app that you’re used to, such as offline access and aggressive caching to reduce latency, are present in the iPad version. Tablet devices are still very new, so expect changes as we continue to optimize for this new format. We’d like to hear any ideas you may have on how we can make Gmail better for the iPad so don’t hesitate to let us know.

All you have to do to try out Gmail on the iPad is go to in Safari – and of course you can create a home screen shortcut to it as well (it’s got a nice icon as well).

Gmail on iPad

I’ve never been fond of using Gmail in the browser, but I have to say it looks damn good on the iPad.  I may well try this out a bit and see how I like it compared to the Mail app.

Via: The Official Gmail Blog

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  1. So…I wonder if there is a way to add the number row on the keyboard. I am willing to use a little more space if I don't have to switch from numbers to letters.

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