GoodReader for iPad Updated, Adds Data Protection and More

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GoodReader for iPad– one of the leading PDF reader apps for the iPad – was updated over the weekend, to Version 3.6.0. Two of the biggest changes in this update are Data Protection, building on encryption built into iOS, and flattening of PDF annotations.

Flatten PDF annotations. Now you can flatten your PDF files to embed annotations into the main PDF page body. This will make them visible in all PDF-capable apps (including Mail and Safari), regardless of those apps’ inability to display PDF annotations. This also makes your annotations non-editable, which may be useful if you want to prevent your notes and drawings from being altered by someone else. “Flatten” option is also available when sending files from GoodReader via EMail or via “Open In…” menu. GoodReader does the “smart flattening” – it preserves all existing PDF hyperlinks, while flattening notes and drawings.

The added data protection is good for all security-conscious users and should be a major plus for business users and corporates deploying iPads. There are a number of other improvements and bug fixes included in this latest GoodReader update, see its App Store page for full details.

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