Google Books for iOS Launched

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Google Books – Google’s new eBook reader app – was launched in the App Store today. It’s a universal app, designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The app currently offers access to over two million free (classic, public domain I expect) eBooks and over 400,00 eBooks for purchase.

I’ve taken a very quick look at the app on both my iPhone and iPad. It feels like a typical Google app – not exactly a gorgeous design, but it works well and has a decent set of Settings options available. When you go to browse for and buy eBooks, you are taken out to Google’s eBookstore in Safari. I wonder if that is a Google choice or the only way Apple would allow the app to be approved.

Google Books used your Google ID to sync your eBooks and give you access to them across iOS and Android devices as well as any browser. So we’ve got another major player (or an aspiring one anyway) in the eBook reader / store space on iOS, to join Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.

What’s your favorite eBook reader on your iPad? Will you be giving Google Books a look?

You can find Google Books in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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