Google Fiber Now Has an iPad App

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Google Fiber iPad app

Yes, there is now a Google Fiber iPad app, for Google’s new TV service. Here’s the app’s description:

Control your entire Google Fiber TV experience with the touch of your fingers. Find and discover TV shows and movies that are airing live, recorded on your DVR, and available on-demand. What’s more, browse, buy and watch your favorite on-demand content on your iOS device. Requires a subscription to the Google Fiber TV service (currently only available in select areas in Kansas City).

I don’t think I’m ever going to get my head around Google’s approach to app releases. It took them more than a year after releasing a Google+ iPhone app to bring out an iPad version and there have been a number of occasions where they take quite a while to bring a new app to iOS. But now we have an iPad app for a service that is available in a single city in the US, and not even the whole city.

Google Fiber is coming to my hometown (Austin) next year, so at least this will save me a rant about why don’t we have an iPad app for it. :)

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