Google+ for iPad Updated – Adds Support for Photos from Google Drive & More

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Google plus iPad app

The Google+ app for iPad and iPhone has been updated again this week, to Version 4.5.0.

This is not a major update, but it adds new support for a couple of other Google services and also swaps out Messenger and replaces it with Hangouts for messaging and video calls. Here’s the full change list: 

– View, edit, and share photos stored in Google Drive
– Google Apps domain support: restrict posts to the domain, domain icons to identify members
– Hangouts app replaces Messenger for messaging and video calls. Visit Google Takeout to download your Messenger data.

Although I’m always glad to see a Google+ app update, as it’s easily my most used social network, this particular update is of very little interest for me. That’s just because I very rarely use Google Drive for photos and have never used Google Apps.

I would love to see one new feature that was added to the Google+ Android app this week come over to the iPad app. This one: ‘easier switching between different accounts and pages’. On the iPad app I still have to sign out and then back in to switch between my personal account and the iPad Insight Google+ page. With this week’s Android app update, I can swap between them on the fly, without signing out and back in. Much slicker.

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