Google+ iPhone App Updated – Still No iPad App

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The Google+ iPhone app was updated yesterday, to Version (hilarious Google, not getting old at all this crazy version numbering).

This update adds full resolution photo uploads, search, photo + 1 and unspecified bug fixes and performance improvements.

What it doesn’t add is an iPad app. It’s still not a universal app so on the iPad you still have to run it in 2X mode. For me, Google+ seems better suited to the iPad than the iPhone – so not supporting the iPad would seem an odd choice if not for all the bitter rivalry between Google and Apple. I expect we’ll see an iPad version at some point, I just don’t expect Google to be in much of a hurry on it.

Oh, and for those of you who use Google+, please check out our iPad Insight page when you have a chance:

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One thought on “Google+ iPhone App Updated – Still No iPad App”

  1. Great news. Like you I’d love to see Google get their act together and make the app universal, but I’d be thrilled for the time being just to have an iPhone version that doesn’t suck.

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