Google Maps Hits the App Store, No iPad Version Of Course

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Google Maps for iPhone

Big news last night for iOS users who use a maps app regularly: Google Maps for iPhone was released. After all the problems,with Apple’s new maps in iOS 6 many people have been anxiously awaiting the return of Google Maps.

There was some speculation for a while about whether Apple would reject the app or hold up its approval, but it seems as if it got through pretty quickly once Google had it ready.

It’s no big surprise to see that there is no iPad version of Google Maps yet – Google seems to put very low priority on the iPad for most of their app releases. Their Google+ iPad version came a year after the iPhone app.

I’m not a real heavy user of maps on iPhone or iPad. I work at home and most of my meetings are by Skype and phone, so I’ve installed the app and will use it now and again, but I don’t have any great insight on how it looks compared to the last time we saw it as a built-in app before iOS 6.

Those of you who are big maps users, what do you think of the new Google Maps?

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8 thoughts on “Google Maps Hits the App Store, No iPad Version Of Course”

  1. It’s much more functional than the previous version and it’s in the line of Google’s new plain design of the UI. But the most important question is: Will it guide you to the right places even in Australia?

  2. West bank maps in isreal palestine are terrible almost no details of major roads cities
    Etc in the west bank and Gaza and full details of the tiny settlements.

  3. I refused to upgrade to iOS 6 because they took away my Google maps. While I don’t use it everyday, I do use it to find alternate routes when a wreck shuts down the interstate or when I go on vacation. I wonder if Apple will analyze the numbers of downloads of Google maps and correlate that to the number of iOS upgrades that occur in the next couple of weeks.

  4. Apple Maps isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Who cares if the 3D flyovers look a little wonky? It has turn-by-turn voice directions with automatic rerouting, and so far it’s been very accurate, at least in the Boston area where I’ve been using it.

  5. Why oh why can Google not come up with a map for iPad! I refuse to updte to IOS 6 until I have a decent map app. Com on Google! Get your act together.

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