GoToMyPC for iPad Released

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GoToMyPC for iPad

GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop) for iPad is the popular and respected remote access from Citrix, come to the iPad at last. Citrix is a blue-chip name in the corporate arena, and GoToMyPC is one of the leading universal remote access brands, that cuts across home and business users.

Great to see GoToMyPC come to the iPad – and the video demo of GoToMYPC for iPad looks great. Here’s an intro to the app and rundown of key features, via its App Store page:

GoToMyPC is the fast, easy and secure way to instantly connect to your Mac or PC, with access to all of your files, programs and network. And now you can take it to go with GoToMyPC for iPad.

No more filling up flash drives, worrying about forgotten files or late nights in the office. With GoToMyPC, everything you need is always just a few taps away.

• Instantly access your Mac or PC desktop.
• Work on any application or file on your computer.
• Leave the laptop behind and lighten your load. With GoToMyPC you can use all of your computer’s contacts, files and programs from your iPad.
• Finish up your workday without staying in the office after hours. With GoToMyPC you always have access to everything on your work computer.

• GoToMyPC comes with free 24/7 Global Customer Support. You’re never left hanging.
• GoToMyPC is backed by Citrix, so you can count on this app working when you need it.

• Instant access to your files, programs and network
• Intuitive touch and gesture controls
• 300% zoom to see details and operate with precision
• Full keyboard functionality, including special keys like Alt, Ctrl and Tab
• Preview text mode for fast typing
• Keyboard Locking and Screen Blanking on host computer (PC only)
• Works seamlessly with existing firewalls – no need for special configuration
• 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication
• Inactivity timeout that you can configure (PC only)
• Connects over 3G and Wi-Fi
• Free 24/7 support

I can’t wait to give this one a go on the iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for GoToMyPC for iPad,; it’s a free app.

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