Hangouts iPad App Updated, Still Looks Horrible

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Hangouts iPad app

The iPad and iOS versions of Google’s vaunted new Hangouts app were updated yesterday, to Version 1.1.1. The change list for this update notes that it addresses some top user requests. Here’s that change list:

— Support for sending and clicking on links
— Invite friends to Hangouts via SMS
— In-app sounds when you receive a message
— Improvements to badge count behavior
— Addressed network connection bar weirdness
— Bug fixes
— Support for iOS 6.0

I’m not sure if ‘Support for iOS 6.0’ is a typo or meant to be a cutesy Google joke. One thing for sure – somehow the ‘can you make it look less goofy and horrible’ request didn’t make it onto Google’s radar. I’m honestly not saying that as a Google apps hater. I use an enjoy a number of Google apps on my iPad – and like their look and feel too. But Hangouts is just ugly as sin and looks less than half baked.

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One thought on “Hangouts iPad App Updated, Still Looks Horrible”

  1. I hate it. I use this app every day because I don’t have access to IM at work. It is even WORSE than it was. The badge count is still not right, and sometimes I can’t even get it to go away! Also, the worst problem is that their new “in-app sounds” cause any music player I have playing to stop playing. Ugh. I wish I hadn’t updated!

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