How To Get Google+ On Your iPad

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I’m sure most of you are aware Google+ is the hot, shiny new thing in terms of social sites – with something like 18 million members after just a few weeks of existence and while still not fully ‘open to the public’. And I know at least some of you are using Google+ and liking it.

Earlier this week the Google+ iPhone app was released, but sadly there was no iPad or universal app offered.

Well, now there’s a workaround for those of use who would like to run Google+ on our shiny, magical tablets – and the good folks at iDownload Blog were kind enough to share the simple steps to get it going on the iPad. I’ve tried out their method this morning and it works just as advertised.


A couple things to note / add to their walk-through:

— For the point where it tells you to locate the .ipa file for Google+, here’s the path for where you’ll find that on a Mac: YourUsername/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications (scroll down through the alphabetical listing to find the Google+ file)

— The Google+ app was listed as EmSea in the iPhone Configuration utility when I did this. It never showed up under the Google+ name – but it mentioned Google+ in another field and installed on the iPad fine.

The app works pretty well on my iPad 2 so far. I’m able to view my stream, profile, circles, add comments to posts, create new posts, upload photos from the iPad camera or photo library, and more.

I chose to give the app a little extra visual goodness by installing the RetinaPad jailbreak tweak that makes iPhone apps look much nicer when sized up on the iPad. This of course requires that your iPad be jailbroken.

So if you’re keen on doing a bit of Google+-ing on your iPad, give this workaround a try. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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