Hyperlapse from Instagram: The First iPad Camera App I’m Not Embarrassed To Use

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I remember sending an article about Microsoft’s research on Hyper-lapse to a co-worker in early August and lamenting the fact that only Microsoft seemed to have access to the cool tech. Then, lo and behold, Instagram decided to release their own Hyperlapse app last week for both iPhone and iPad.

This feels like one of those rare instances where we get our hands on tech far earlier than anticipated, and I’m hoping that Hyperlapse continues to stay as open and easy to use as it does now. As Viticci of MacStories pointed out, you don’t need to log in to Hyperlapse to use it. You just load it up, take video, and then choose your preferred time lapse speed for playback. I haven’t bothered sharing any of my videos to Instagram or Twitter yet, but rather have been saving them locally for a review I’m working on. My time-lapsed videos from Hyperlapse are much smoother than the time lapse I’ve used in other apps, and the built-in time lapse feature has saved me a good hour of equivalent editing in Final Cut Pro.

Hyperlapse is also one of the rare camera apps I’d recommend using on the iPad. Set an iPad up by the window of your apartment or house, tilt it up towards the sky or down at the street, and just hit record. It doesn’t feel goofy to try, and the resulting video can look truly magical.

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