i.TV iPad App Messing Up Again

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The i.TV iPad app that serves as a TV guide has been my go-to app for checking out what’s on TV for a long while. It’s a really useful and nicely done app when it’s working well.

Unfortunately, it has a pretty checkered track record when it comes to working well consistently. I find that it periodically ‘forgets’ my TV / Cable provider details – and of course when it does it becomes entirely useless. Usually it just takes a bit to re-enter the details for my local cable provider and the sort of subscription package I have to get it going again.

In the last week or so, the app is getting substantially worse. It’s loading its pages far more slowly and forgetting my provider details often. And it has also developed a new party trick – it has my provider details right but it has ‘lost’ a bunch of available channels.

iTV Missing ESPN2

The screenshot above shows some of the extended basic cable channels I have access to – but it is missing ESPN 2 (53) and AMC (63).

Here’s another one, where the app has somehow forgotten about Fox and NBC (2 and 4):

iTV Missing Channels

I’ve tried re-entering my provider details and it hasn’t helped – and in the area of the app’s settings where I would previously just tell it that I have Extended Basic it now offers a Manage Channels view which doesn’t even list the missing channels.

There are zero connectivity issues on my iPad mini while these issues are occurring. I’m on a solid, fast home WiFi network, all other apps are working fine and have solid connectivity, and notably the TV Guide app sees all my channels just fine.

It’s a bit of a shame to say as I’ve always liked this app, but it’s hard to lose patience with it at this point.

Are any of you users of the i.TV app on your iPads? If so, have you been seeing any of these issues?

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4 thoughts on “i.TV iPad App Messing Up Again”

  1. My app is doing the same thing, only mine shows even fewer channels. I tried to reset my list of channels to select, and many are even missing from the Show All view. Those that are there all have “(null)” next to the checkmark.
    I also have Verizon fios and have had problems with this app before but was able to reset. Too bad, because it scrolls better and has more information than other apps I’ve tried. I sent an email to Support, but for now, this one goes in my Unused Apps folder.

  2. This morning I had problems where it would only display program listings for a few channels, all channels were display, but most were blank. Great app when it works.

  3. I’ve had the same issues. Generally the app works well, however over the last couple of days it omits several channel listings. The name of the channels were displayed but the info for shows was completely missing.

  4. I gave up on this app a few weeks ago. It kept totally forgetting my OTA channels and refused to sync with my iPhone app. I’ve been using the tv guide app since then and am very pleased with it.

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