i.TV Is One of the Most Frustrating iPad Apps I’ve Used

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i.TV is touted as ‘the #1 TV guide in the App Store’ – and I think that’s a fair claim when it’s working. The thing is though, it just will not work consistently without major headaches.

I’ve tried out several TV listings apps on the iPad, and i.TV is by far and away my favorite. It has the cleanest and easiest to use inteface – so I can see what’s on more quickly.

It frustrates the crap out of me though – because once every week or so it completely forgets all the settings for my location, cable provider and cable plan. And of course it can’t show anything when it doesn’t know those details. This wouldn’t be so bad if it could be easily fixed each time it occurred. If, say, I could just plug those details back in and it would start working again then it would be just a couple of minutes wasted and then back to normal service.

But that’s not the way things go when it gets one of its frequent bouts of amnesia. When it does, it prompts me to enter my TV service provider (Time Warner Cable), my plan etc. Then nothing will happen. So I’ll go to settings within the app, see that it’s still blank, and enter the required info again. I’ll check back to make sure the info has ‘stuck’ in the settings, and it has, but still the app does nothing. I’ll then quit the app via the Multitasking Bar and re-open it. Then it will have forgotten my info again. Sometimes I go through this little circle several times, but always with the same end result – no listings.

I’ve restarted the iPad when this occurs – no help. I’ve removed and reinstalled the app numerous times on the various occasions this has occurred – also no help.

Ultimately, whenever this occurs the only solution is to wait for the app to fix itself. This usually happens within a day or two.

I’ve seen this sudden amnesia problem with i.TV at least five times now, the most recent was last night.

It’s a real shame that this is such as consistent bug with the app. It has me looking for other apps to replace it – because as much as I like it, it is very frustrating when it suddenly just forgets everything and fails to work.

Any other i.TV on iPad users here? If so, have you had similar issues, or does it save this behavior just for me? Or have you found a fix for this?

Patrick Jordan

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4 thoughts on “i.TV Is One of the Most Frustrating iPad Apps I’ve Used”

  1. Hi Patrick, I’m the CTO of i.TV. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this, it DOES sound frustrating. Can you send your contact info to @idottv or to the email from the comment form? I’d like to track down the bug and get it fixed as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience,

  2. I have had the same problems with the I.tv app. And on top of that I can’t get it to sign in to my TiVo. Every time I open the app all the information is wrong. Now I can’t even sign in to the app itself. Then there are the times it just closes itself down. It could be my favorite app, if it worked.

  3. This very thing has just happened to me on my ‘new iPad’ [iPad 3] and i’ve tried the same non-functional solutions you did. Any fix or info since you posted this?

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